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Holistic Recovery's mission is to help more people heal from trauma and addiction in less time through our affordable, comprehensive and compassionate online curriculum.


From single incident trauma to complex and developmental trauma, this course will teach you about the types of unwanted events that shape our brain functioning. 


What if you could break free from self-destructive patterns once and for all? It won't happen overnight, but the information inside this course can show you how.


It's not enough to release trauma and stop our bad habits. We'll teach you vital life skills to be effective in your personal, financial, professional, and familial life.  

"I've been working on my addiction since I was 20 and have met many professionals in that process. However, the presenters in this course blew my mind. All together, they offer a full spectrum view of what can be done to control this condition. It filled me with hope and inspiration."

- Rob G.


Our world class instructors approach trauma and addiction recovery from a variety disciplines to teach people how to address mental health issues from a holistic and researched-based perspective.


MODULE 1 - Setting Yourself Up for Success

Make the most of this program and avoid sabotaging this sacred opportunity to grow by staying in default mode. Learn about the power of affirmations and meditation to rewire your response mechanisms. Use music to put your mind into a theta state. Create an emergency action plan, and learn about the fundamentals of neural reprogramming.

MODULE 2 - The Secrets To Emotional Maturity 

Your inner world does not have to be a reflection of what's going on outside of you. Learn how to stay in your resilience-zone, and be responsible for your own peace of mind. Take a deep dive into your attachment programming, how this impacts brain development, and mature your stress responses that have been wired since infancy. Develop internal resources to heal your nervous system and age your emotional body to match your chronological body. 

MODULE 3 - The Neuroscience of Addiction 

Psychological communities have long regarded addiction as a moral failing. However, scientific research now proves that it's a brain-based disorder. Learn cutting-edge tools from Dr. Michael Trayford, a top functional neurologist to widen the gap between stimulus and response through activating the mind/body connection. This module will also address why nutrition, sleep and exercise are a vital part of recovery.

MODULE 4 - Illuminating the Shadow 

What if addiction and trauma was the way? Not a deviation from your path, but the way you were destined to find your empowerment? What if the answer to your pain wasn't becoming anti-substance, but becoming pro-YOU? Dive deep into the shadow of the psyche, explore shame's role in complex trauma, learn to recognize unconscious patterns, release judgements we carry about our past, and stop cycles of never-ending self improvement.

MODULE 5 - Understanding the Shamanic Realm 

Learn how indigenous traditions interpret the "soul loss" that modern psychotherapy refers to as disassociation. Embark on a soul retrieval meditation and learn about archetypes, symbolic awareness, entity attachments and how to create sovereignty in your energetic field. This is known as parts work. An intellectual exploration on advances in psychedelic assisted therapy will be included - as well as information on ethical practice and harm reduction. 

MODULE 6 - Transformation on the Quantum Level 

Could addiction and trauma be inherited from an ancestor or even a past life? Don't rule out this possibility or you'll miss out on some of your deepest healing. Transform your DNA through epigenetics and your bloodline in the process. Learn about family systems and how these shape our personalities so an authentic self can emerge. 

MODULE 7 - Growing Through Right Relationship

Connection heals - and there's nothing wrong with you. Drop the label of an addict or being broken and learn to see yourself as a "seeker" instead. Recovery is all about relationships. Learn communication and listening skills and connection-based alternatives to rehab models. Move beyond trauma bonding and co-dependency to have healthy, supportive, accountable relationships where your basic needs are honored.

MODULE 8 - Living as Practice 

The truth is that you can never get enough of what you don't really need. The final module teaches you how to be effective and sovereign and make peace with the world that is. From financial literacy training to navigating social norms and the legal system, we'll integrate everything we've learned into practical life, so you can be high-functioning and resilient despite life's many complications. 

Why does life hurt so bad?

A lot of people walk around completely unaware of what lies behind the chronic pain they feel. Take this simple quiz to determine your everyday hardships are really trauma and addiction hiding in plain sight.


Here are some of the voices found in the 40+ hours of lessons inside this course. You'll learn from these world class practitioners through candid interviews, full length keynote seminars, and interactive classroom experiences.

Participants also get 1 year access to weekly wisdom sermons, a database of recommended practitioners, a course book, meditations, an online peer support community, and our mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Participants are asked to be stabilized in their lives and in a safe living situation where they can fully dive into the course material. People who are not sober yet will still benefit from this course, as long as they are not currently using substances in a life threatening manner. 

We ask that participants have a support system in place to deal with any traumatic material that may arise while taking the program - a therapist, life coach, sponsor, peer support, pastoral counselor, or trusted advisor. If you do not yet have these resources, by the end of the first module you will have a newfound awareness on how to access them in a way that is right for you. 

It's important for you to know that this course is not therapy, nor a replacement for therapy. It's education about therapeutic processes that when practiced have helped many people overcome various forms of post traumatic stress and addiction. It is not a substitute for in-patent treatment, for those who need acute care and are in critical condition. Meditations and some movement exercises will be included and students are asked to be responsible for their own safety when participating.  

Recovery isn't linear. Results don't happen overnight - but they certainly can't happen at all without a roadmap. There are a million different routes through the maze of healing and this course will expose you to the variety of treatments available so you can access the resources you need with far less searching. Results will be entirely dependent on the frequency and dedication to which participants choose to apply the theories and principles outlined in their personal lives. While deep spontaneous healings may occur as a result of being exposed to the material in this course, Holistic Recovery advocates for steady, sustainable longterm results over any quick fix approach. 


EMDR, 12 Step Traditions, Carl Jung, Neural Reorganization Therapy, Prolonged Exposure Therapy, Indigenous Wisdom, Somatic Experiencing, Trauma Informed Yoga, Attachment Science, Neurosculpting, Meditation & More!

An investment in recovery is the most valuable money you will ever spend.

For not only will you spare yourself of profound losses to your health, finances, professional and personal relationships that accompany this affliction, you will expand your potential to achieve more than you ever thought possible as your sense of self transforms. We are all recovering from something.



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